Wood * ing – Wild Food Lab was established by Valeria Margherita Mosca in 2010.
Today is the most important laboratory in the world focusing on the use of wild food for human nutrition. At Wooding Lab we forage, analyze and catalogue wild plants, seaweeds, fruits, trees, roots, lichens, musks along with all that is available in nature and is considered edible and suitable for human nutrition. We also experiment with wild ingredients searching a true food sustainability that goes beyond the concepts of bio and organic. Our mission is to demonstrate that wild food is an important nutritional and cultural resource without having impact on our environment.

Valeria Margherita Mosca is chef, forager and Wooding Wild Food Lab director. She has contributed to numerous international congresses of gastronomy. She has been consultant for Slow Food and University of Gastronomic Sciences – Pollenzo and California University –Davis.
She worked closely with several national and international organizations involved in the food and environmental research such as Mountain Wilderness, ERSAF, Legambiente, iNova Food lab - Faroe Islands, Nordic food lab - Copenhagen, Basque Culinary Center – San Sebastian and many others.