Vetreria Bazzanese has been producing, for more than twenty years, customized glass furnishings and architectural solutions for fashion stores, restaurants, hotels, museums and private houses. From the very beginning the aim of the company was offering a different service from those already existing on the market. The research have focused not only on the constant improvement of all factors, but most of all on our vocation for the study of products and finishes, aimed to enabling architects to explore new and interesting worlds changing the history of glass. We renew glass day by day, trying to modernize it with creative inventions, architectural and decorative solutions.

Vetreria Bazzanese is a world where the interplay between history and modernity is an evolving trend, with evergreen styles and innovative creations intertwining more and more.


Via G. Pastore 4

40053 Valsamoggia

Bologna, Italy


Vetreria Bazzanese has divided the spaces of Les Arcanistes with glass fusion material agglomerations, in which the heat has fixed the fluid surface and the shimmering reflections of water. Dreamers tables are made of fused paste coloured glass. The top has an industrial texture, whereas the curved legs have the characteristic appearance of melted glass. The colouring of the glass was carefully studied and designed in collaboration with Studiopepe.