TECNOLUX® is a universal trademark for the neon lighting systems. The founder of TECNOLUX  group™, Mr. Benito Tacconi, begun by manufacturing neon transformers at the beginning of 1950. Nowadays TECNOLUX  group™ is composed by eight companies of which five are manufacturing facilities addressed mainly to the neon field. Each factory is specialised in the manufacturing of one neon component for neon lighting systems. The aim of TECNOLUX Group™ is of manufacturing high quality components for neon. The success is based upon the in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of the neon field.  For this reason TECNOLUX® is always concentrating in research and improvements where the “know-how” of our range of products is the main issue.


Via Caravaggio, 26

20832 Desio 

Monza Brianza, Italy


Spectrum is a neon illuminated lamp with a support structure made of epoxy powder varnished metal rod. The metallic rod forms the angles of a cube, whereas the triangular-shaped lamp is inscribed within, outlining the diagonals of three of its six sides.