Historic Italian design brand, conceived in the late Seventies by Dino Gavina and came back to life in 2017 thanks to Gherardo Tonelli, in its new course Paradisoterrestre ranges from past to future, from re-edition of historical pieces to contemporary productions. Between art and design with some limited edition products, Paradisoterrestre catalog is characterized by excellence in production quality and aesthetic experimentation. Paradisoterrestre lately launched Historical Design Selection dedicated to vintage collectible design. This selection, partially exhibited in the recently inaugurated venue in the heart of Bologna city center, is the result of a constantly updated research and it includes important pieces realized by great masters that made design history, among which Bega, Breuer, Caccia Dominioni, the Castiglioni brothers, Gardella, Magistretti, Ponti, Carlo and Tobia Scarpa.


Via De’ Musei 4

40124 Bologna



Paradisoterrestre exhibits the re-edition of the seating system Malitte by Matta in a special edition covered with Aplomb fabric by Dedar and some pieces from its historical archive: a pair of Digamma armchair by Gardella covered with Pergamena fabric by Dedar, the coffee-table Caori by Magistretti and Kinetic art multiples produced by Centro Duchamp.