Minimal48 is an archive of materials: it starts from an age-old consciousness, ever searching to find a new way of narrating the basic elements of architecture.  Minimal48 is a space in Milan where rooms are arranged to create systems that facilitate comparison and choice – rational, emotional. Whether it is the most sought-after and varied selection of wood finishes, the rose of the finest ceramics, or the latest works in resin, the architect will be guided towards innovative and quality products. 

Minimal48 finds a different way of presenting the brands, creating abacuses of materials that liberate the choice from the names, allowing for an effective comparison. Minimal48 was created thanks to the experience of architects Alessandra De Matteis and Massimo Mornati: for years involved in the field, they have decided to open a space that challenges the clichés of the most typical showrooms, inaugurating new modes and providing new tools of dialogue for the development of each project.

Wunderkammer partners: Casone Group – marmo e pietra, RS Resine Strutturate – resina, Containers – legno, Milleforma – carta, ACL Cimenteira do Louro – cemento, Materie Plastiche Paolillo – metacrilato, Living Ceramics – ceramica, Quadro Design – acciaio


Viale Monte Nero 48

20135 Milano



Inside Les Arcanistes Minimal48 seeks, experiments and explores the matter, and it setting up a contemporary Wunderkammer. Primordial and artificial matters are mixed in different forms and combinations: the Japanese millennial oak, the onyx and the stone, the metachrylate, the resin, the cotton cellulose, the cement, the ceramics, the steel.