Mariotti is a crafting company, whose production of highly resistant slabs in cement conglomerates, with marble, granite, and even hard stone aggregates, has quickly gained a deserved reputation since the beginning in 1926. A family business for three generations, they’re still sticking to a philosophy that combines modern technologies along with an artisanal care of the product. Following the acquisition of Fulget, Silipol™ manufacturing company, in 2010, now Mariotti Fulget started innovative collaborations through the years pursuing a new aesthetic for their trademark material. Silipol™ is a multifaceted material, a mixture made of granite and marble powders and cement, for a finished unique appearance slab. Debut in the 50s earned this incredible product wide popularity to engineers and architects (with the likes of Franca Helg and Franco Albini) for covering large surface areas. Silipol™ has no synthetic additives and it is completely recyclable. It is also pretty customizable in colour and texture choice.


Mariotti Fulget SRL

Località Stazione 13

27040 Arena Po (PV)


Panacea is characterized by complete customization, from the material used, Silipol, to the formal creation of the piece. Silipol is an innovative material typical of Milan in the 1950s. For this occasion, it has been coloured according to tones selected by Studiopepe. The unique material reiterates the singularity of the piece, especially designed for Les Arcanistes.