FAINA Collection started life in 2014 as an artistic reflection on the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv, Ukraine and desire of the whole nation for self-identification. Founded by architect and designer Victoriya Yakusha today design brand has evolved into a progressive furniture collection that celebrates Ukrainian design traditions and culture while embracing modernity. 

Today collection have over 60 artisan design pieces (furniture, decor and lighting), produced in Ukraine from local materials. Design concept is based on recent study of the domestic traditions, forms, materials and craft techniques, that were carefully transformed into contemporary minimalist design objects. Clay, felt, willow, flax, and solid wood are the main elements of the FAINA collection, helping us to express the concept of "live design" – design that combines the energy of eco-materials and the simplicity of ancestor’s lifestyle. The whole collection is designed to involve simultaneously all senses and encourages feeling the soul of objects.


V. Tutunnyka Str. 53

Kyiv, Ukraine 02000

T +38 0731 618 019




FAINA Collection exhibiting three naive design objects with archetypical symbols, usage of ancient craft techniques and deep history in its essence: Bandura vases as a 500-years old folk musical instrument, Motanka decor as sacred talisman of our ancestors and cave-like Korotun coffee table with its “carved in stone” sturdy character.