Erika Cavallini, fashion designer of the homonymous brand, embarks on a new path in the interiors field, which began by designing her own boutique in Via della Spiga in Milan.

The Erika Cavallini INTRO project marks a new beginning, a change of things, through a personal INTRO / spection. It transposes into design her recognizible fashion style, made of essential shapes, dusty colors and breached rules. The matter is enhanced in its imperfections, the accidental error of production becomes a peculiarity.


Via Ganaceto 7

41121 Modena



Vas Mirabilis is a collection of 5 vases in marble and brass, with an archaic shape, but made modern by clean lines and asymmetric holes. Each vase is a unique, numbered and hand-signed piece, made in a different type of marble: portoro, rose of Portugal, green onyx, Egyptian rose, Emperador, African black. In numerical symbology the number 5 refers to the Hand. In the fortune telling, the hand is a means of predicting destiny.