Composer, music producer, sound designer and dj, Painé is a key figure of the Italian music scene, working in the intersections between electronic music, mixed-media and sonic storytelling, collaborating with public and private institutions, museums, design and fashion companies, radios and tv. Based in Milano, he composes soundtracks for films, documentaries, theatre plays, installations, exhibitions, fashion shows, events and multimedia projects. 

Painé produced two albums for the Temposphere Records label, theme-based projects (Music For The Middle of The Night, Soundtrack of Something in Tokyo) aside from collaborations (GaMaPaWa, Soslo, Solid Gas, I Maniaci dei Dischi) and remixes. Painé is the coordinator of the Sound Design course at Milan's Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), where he lectures Sound Design. He is the art director of the mixed-media company Compl8 Produzioni, focused on the production of music, multimedia contents and cultural projects.