Ceramiche Milesi is a manufacturing company of high artistic craftsmanship, founded in 1981 by Egidio Milesi together with his brother Cesare. Extremely skilled ceramist, Egidio creates with the most disparate techniques, from pieces made by hand on a lathe, to those using the colombino method, up to slab objects. In his thirty-five years of activity, he has made hundreds of vases, plates, bottles, bowls and sculptures created for the most prestigious design companies and private clients. Always convinced that form is suggested by the nature of the earth, Egidio devotes extraordinary attention to detail, which can translate into a twisted or extremely geometric line, an unexpected texture or a clever harmony of colors. His objects show a particular attitude for what concerns materials, colours and decorations.


Viale Lucania 15 

20139 Milano



Milesi exhibits for Les Arcanistes a collection of geometrical sculptures and archetypal forms, strongly materials-oriented bowls and vases with soft shades of colours. The pieces investigate shapes, different tactile finishing and a sophisticated colour palette.