Atelier Areti is an interdisciplinary design studio established by sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer. Gwendolyn and Guillane’s background is in visual arts with a focus on drawing and sculpture, architecture and design. Their work reflects this interest in both the object and space, exploring and existing between the sculptural quality of the object and its spatial dynamic.

“We strive to develop something new and beautiful through our work. We are driven by curiosity and the desire to explore works that touch us on a deeper, direct emotional level as well engage us in a more conscious rational way. These artistic ambitions need to be realized and developed in the actual material product. The material realization gives the design it’s place in our daily life, our aim it’s to create pieces that remain relevant through their beauty, function and quality.”


90 Shuttleworth Road

SW11 3DE London 



Atelier Areti investigates geometry to create sculptural pieces, with a minimal aesthetic. Pure solids, in a game of juxtaposition between full and empty shapes. The furnishing objects are simple volumes, with subtle geometric transformations, in wood, steel and stone.